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A very nice post indeed. Gives a good idea of how content management has evolved


I'd like to know whether Alfresco is capable to provide features similar to Astoria tightly integrated with XMetal, to provide a collaborative authroing and group editing environment to distributed engineering workgroups.

Also, can such a solution be integrated with Rational ClearCase for the backend to provide a software reuse portal for software engineers?

I surely hope you'll succeed over the next 2 years; in
fact I hope it's even gonna happen faster;)

I'm trying to understand how Alfresco can and will be
different in terms of funtionality when compared
to zope/plone for example. AFAIK library services, search, categorization and workflow are at the heart of that
community. And web content can surely be re-used in the
zope model. Can you shed some light?

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