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You dim witted broad..flauting yourself a news anchor lead...go back where you came from as you know nothing about responsible news reporting. Too bad you couldn't have mentored under Walter Cronkrite. Quit thinking you are admired or even have respect...I change the channel when you come on as you have NO CREDIBILITY - gotta earn it lady!


You should have reminded Mr. Pres that in 3 years he will lose his house and his job. Maybe then he can answer your question?

Dear President of the United States,I am a single white female, born in America. I am 44 years old. I just received my 1st pay check of the year 2010. It was wrong. I was paid less ½ or what I was told through a temporary agency of $222.01 for 8 days of work ($7.25, minimum wage, an hour verses $10.00). I have no benefits. Today I paid for my own health insurance of $187.00 that I luckily got from North Carolina community college benefits per semester (3 months) and not per month like “Cobra”; as the name intends, a snake, thank you governor Beverly Perdue for this incentive. I was sent a financial aid rejection letter today, for some unknown reason. By the way, I am sending an appeal letter. I am in school full time to obtain a medical transcription degree. I am completely misunderstanding why my ex-coworkers (making more than me) are receiving financial aid. They are employed and I am underemployed. I am dating and my new date informed me that “Due to our payroll schedule changing with Wells Fargo, our 1/8 check was for 1 day's pay and my next check is not until 1/22. As a result, I have to watch my spending because all of my bills are going to hit the same time as my next paycheck. So until I get used to this new schedule and start putting more money away, I am going to have to take it easy on spending money. At least for this weekend. Wells Fargo really screwed things up for January. lol.. Maybe we could get together for lunch one day next week OR next weekend?? :) dated 1/15/10”I would enjoy an interview with Katie Couric to show the rest of the world how the average single white female (childless) is surviving these days in America. Gracias,Tina Dalton

Come people there are so many fake news anchors and public figures in general.. Whore not even close just real. Some public figure are racist and etc. but we don't find out until it's too late and damage is done. All Couric is doing is dancing. Enjoying herself. That's all and if some stuck up tight wods can not understand that then go back in the closet like the rest. Dancing is and expression. That's it. Would you rather she be fake like many news anchors or just real? I don't care what and how she spends her time off from work. That's her time as long as she does her job. It's not like she talking about sex like that congress man or using our tax paying money to visit her man in another country..Come people we have enough on our plates with this tough economy to worry about her dancing on her time off. What do you have no life, no worries or do you need someone to hate on? Grow up she's just dancing On Her Time OFF... Move on and if she reports lies and so on the hate on her and so on but until then don't judge because none of us are perfect and sometime we need to let off steam. Let's put that hate towards criminals, pedophiles, murders, terrorist and so on. Come on her job and her personal life are separate and should be respected unless she's committing a crime which she is not so move on!!!!!!!!

I just saw pics of Couric dancing and I must say you go girl. It's nice to see she is a real person. Her dancing was not racy but it seems as if it's being insinuated. I say to those who think that grow up she's a grown woman and a real person... Thank You Couric for being real and keep dancing. Remember enjoy life to the fullest however you like and in every way!

Katie Couric, I listened to your interview of Glenn Beck. It was great. I now see why he is the most watched news person. Your interview allowed him to show how intelligent he is and how he outshines the rest of the news personalities. I will start watching him daily. Thank you so much for doing the interview.

Hey Miss Cutie Couric,,,,watch your back ,,,,Palin is coming !
Have a nice day you jealous & ugly scuzz !

Katie is a fucking idiot. The only reason she keeps beating up on Palin is she is jealous of her looks and her success. Couric is a CUNT.

Katy Couric is nothing but a mouthpiece for the left. She has no morals, ethics, or shame. I haven't watch he show since she exposed the fact that she is no longer a respected journalist, or a journalist in fact. Shame on her. Sleep well tonight, Katie we hatie.

Katie Couric should not be giving Sarah Palen advise on how to govern. She can't even get people to watch her on the news. I have never liked her. She's just another media liberal. She should report the news and not try to make the news.

I blame katie Couric's for embarrassing sarah palin. there was no reason for her to be so unprofessional. Katie seems like a complete SNOB personally I feel she was just jealous of sarah palin. A lot of women were. Shame on You!!!

Katie Do you think of yourself as a good person? Search your heart and answer these questions. Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything from someone? Have you ever lusted after someone or something? Have you ever committed murder? If you answered yes or no then you have sinned against GOD. Unless you repent to GOD you will not see heaven. Jesus Christ died for your sins and mine. Knowing GOD and knowing about GOD is two different things. Satan believes but he still doesn't know GOD. Put your trust in Jesus and he will save you. America is doomed if it continues on the path that it is going.Greed is rampant.Sexual perversion is almost out of control such as homosexuality,sex outside of marriage. Alchoholism,drugs, take over peoples lives because their looking for a inner peace that they will never find outside of Jesus Christ.No military or president or even money can stop it.ONLY a relationship with Jesus Christ can change it.A nation whose god is not the true and living GOD will perish.GOD will allow this to happen because people do not glorify HIM. REPENT to GOD not to Mary a priest or pope or anyother clergyman. From a friend who cares about SOULS.Vernon Woodard


hey Katie,
I love your show.
I am a senior at Windsor High School, windsor Ct,
I am also in Human Rights class and we are trying to set up a night where we can bring the windor community to the high school and educate them about a subject. We had our first meeting and someone in our class said that is would be a good idea to see if you could come and talk. We thought that was a great idea. To bring you up to date I would like to let you know that last year WHS had a Dafur Awarness night were hundreds of people showed up and newreporters from CT came and talked. That is why we knew you were the perfect person to ask. We were thinking for a topic of Poverty which would tie into you great, but we had other topics that we were thinking about.
If you could please write back to me at this email it would be great so we can keep in touch.
Thanks a lot

I cannot believe the comments I am reading above. Katie is an incredibly intellingent person. Far more intelligent than Sarah Palin who also as myself comes from broadcast media. The only reason that she did well in the debate is because she practised over and over again. I remember when I worked for the North Broward Hospital District in south Florida as Marketing/Media relations when Coral Springs Medical Center had and incident with a child that died and Katie interviewed the CEO and she was right on. You have to be prepared and knowledgeable to go against her. And Sarah wasn't which reflects her true experience. Katie was able to draw that out. Kudos to her. I am a Republican and I have to tell you because of Katie I am voting for Obama. Wouldn't want McCain to die and have Palin in office and that truly came out in Katie's interview, despite what people are saying about it being edited, etc. and cut up. You go Katie.

Katie Couric isn't fit to shine Palin's shoes.

I wondered how Sarah Palin could make her convention speech and then suddenly become dumb. Tonight, in the debate, she was again brilliant. I realized the Katie Coric inerview tapes were edited to make Sarah look dumb. So now I cannot trust Katie who I have watched now since she came to CBS. That Katie is not jornalism.


Do the world a favor and get off the coolaid and come become a professional report not a Obama mouth peice.


We thank your station for your support of the Obama campaign. We will be holding a rally in Bryant Park (NYC) on 10/20 to show our approval and encouragement of his campaign and would appreciate any publicity if possible. As you are aware from the recent economic meltdown the capitalistic free-enterprise system no longer works in this country. As Socialist President Ortega of Nicaragua proclaimed Obama’s campaign is a “revolutionary phenomena” and his supporters are “laying the foundations for a revolutionary change”. Fidel Castro has also recently endorsed Obama as “The candidate with the most progressive ideas.” His support among self-proclaimed Marxist nations will enable him to negotiate world politics effectively within the scope of their ideologies.

His proposed initiatives of arbitrarily taking funds from large corporations and distributing them to the working class is long overdue, yet the taxing of the rich and redistribution of wealth to the working class goes back to his roots. As he elaborated in his biography the influence of mentor Marxist Frank Davis had a profound impact on his life. Barak’s father even wrote in the East African Journal in 1965 that “there is no limit to taxation, even 100%, if the working people get proper benefits from the government”. His literal signing of a pledge to abide by the doctrine of “the new Party” after winning their nomination which called for civil disobedience in order to advance their socialists causes further qualifies Obama to rule within the Marxist philosophy which he has come to fully embrace, even leading to the 1996 Democrat Socialists Party’s endorsement.

As Obama’s chief of staff blogger Sam Gramham-Felsen of the “Socialist Viewpoint” stated “The capitalist ruling class of the United States exercises a virtual dictatorship not only over American society, but also over the entire world. This capitalist class rule is the basic cause of the poverty, wars and the degradation of the natural environment.” Obama’s introduction of the “Global Poverty Act of 2007 further enforces his pledge to correct these inequities by pledging .07% of our capitalist gross national product on foreign aid with no strings attached.

“A revolution must become a cold killing machine without judicial proof yet motivated by pure hate”- Che Guevare (pictured above at Obama’s headquarters.)

As devoted members of the Marxist-Lenin organization we are confident enough Obama has embraced and will champion our ideologies we are committed to fully support and promote his campaign. We thank you for your past and continued support of his campaign and our worthwhile endeavor to bring a long overdue Marxist to power in order to save the American economy.

Robert Thompson
Chapter Member
U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization

I hope Katie reads this, though I doubt she has time.

I am a huge fan of Katie Couric, and while the evening news may have seemed a smart career choice at the time, I think that the evening news takes away what America loves most about you, Your spontaneous smile, your laughter, your giggling, your kindness and your heart. You radiate all of those and more. Your incredible at your job, I love you in the evening, but I miss the most important part of who you are. A quick smile and a sunny disposition.

She never belonged in TV - if it wasn't for the family crisis, she'd be washing clothes or cooking somewhere - terrible reporter and this guy Sean McMurray must have other interests, lost my viewing.

No personality, no glamour just a talker.

Hey everyone! I found this interview that Bob Schieffer did. He talks about the katie Couric CBS "Evening news" switch. It is kinda entertaining. here is the linkhttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5154992723477026532&q=innerviews
Check it out!!

I can'g stand Katie Couric.
Did not like her when she was on the morning show. She is mean spirited and looks just mean. She doesn't get anything right.
I give her to Christmas and she will be gone. I could have told you so CBS. Another bad decision on your part.

Katie Couric is terrible.
For all of her years being a pro, she cannot read the teleprompter.
I can't believe she is being paid for that kind of performance. I couldn't even listend to it much less watch.
I hope she picks up her act.
What a shame. So disappointing.
Say good night Katie!

Dear Katie,

The use of the word repugnant regarding the opinion of the father whose sone was murdered at Columbine was too much. Anyone might hold such beliefs after being hit withthelightningbolt of a young son being murdered by classmates. Millions of Americans hold the same beliefs as that individual.

Give the guy a break and stop trying to be so PC because that is disgusting.

Chris Lyons
Hamden, Connecticut

Katie Couric is getting the biggest network $$'s.. Is she also the biggest network whore?
60 min. isn't even over here yet and Iam enraged to the point I want to pitch my TV into the fish pond.

Oh she ask all the proper questions and looked the proper sympathic way. She gave drama to it all and has the network drama coaches in smiles.

But she never persisted to ask THE question... Why was ANYONE allowed in at ground zero without proper lung protection?

The correct (HEPA) resperator cost's $25.00 at most. The fire fighters especially MUST have known better than to stay in the area for more than a few hours.

OK OK Ok there was the "rescue" time... But after that NO ONE should have been in there unprotected.

How many folks from the Pentogon clean up are sick? Answer? NONE.. Because no one was alowded in without a HEPA mask. The CBS drama whore never ask about that major point.

Katie Couric just lost all my respect for being a newwork whore at large. I will never watch nor believe another thing she says...

We will be paying MILLIONS to those that didn't follow basic safety codes while under the watchful eyes of the govt...

Can you say Katrina???

Couric & Co launched on Monday.


(I have no affiliation with it - just came across it today on cbsnews.com)

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