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brand architecture

I have implemented Documentum solutions for years and know what you mean by this blog. I am continuing to keep an open mind with respect to what EMC are doing, but you can't help but get emotive about them taking over the Documentum brand. I hate to think how the various engineering team members feel about the changes.

I was even more horrified to discover they had replaced the Customer Net support web site with their own 'PowerLink' site, but I have to say they have made a big enhancement to finding information. So for the first time I have seen an advantage in EMC's take over.

I have to say I am using Alfresco where I can and actively following your developments, which I am very grateful for. You keep me on my toe's as a system's implementer.


Under Lou Gerstner, IBM made a successful transition of their brand from hardware to services. This may be what EMC is trying to do, but that focus is not as clear.

I believe that they would be better served by preserving their original core software brands and keep the EMC brand focused on storage hardware.

Should EMC do a branding approach similar to BEA and their distinction between Weblogic and Aqualogic? or is the model of IBM who also sells hardware much better?

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