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With the enterprise license, you can embed the system with no attribution clause. This license for OEMs is affordable and negotiable. We wanted to avoid the viral effects of the GPL license in using the modified GPL license. We realize that it is not applicable for all parts of the product and we in the process of considering removing attribution in a large part of the product. This is not uncommon as companies like Zimbra have done the same thing.

Hi John.

Just curious - do you think anyone in Open Source community will dare to embed Alfresco in their app, provided they will need to pot on every interface screen: "Supplied free of charge with no support, no certification, no maintenance, no warranty and no indemnity by Alfresco Software..."?

Any thoughts on http://duckdown.blogspot.com/2006/12/enterprise-content-management-and.html

Hi John,

We just signed up as a Gold Partner of Alfresco for some of the same reasons you are stating above.

In today's enterprise, the ability to embed and integrate an organization’s ECM into other products and applications is a key quality that we see our clients wanting. The “stovepipe” ECM will not survive in an enterprise anymore and most of the big vendors realize this and are now adding web service interface wrappers to accommodate the need. However, these are merely wrappers and do not offer the rich APIs required by the complex integration requirements demanded by enterprises today. Alfresco’s embeddable architecture was thought about from the beginning and not a reaction to the market. Alfresco's open standards based technology stack enables it to be easily integrated into an existing enterprise at all levels.

Keep up the good work.


Best place to seek support on the open source version of Alfresco is on the forums at http://forums.alfresco.com

hi ,
i am facing problem while using the alfresco in cluster environment.we r using alfresco as a plug in in our application for cms purpose.we configured alfresco as per the wiki alfresco help but we can not find proper solution for that.can any tell any good document or stpes need to done for alfreaco cluste configuration.

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