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Could you amplify this blog entry in the future: http://alfrescobook.blogspot.com/2007/01/out-now-alfresco-enterprise-content.html

I work on content management for goverment and defense projects that use an SOA architecture. None of this project uses REST. They all rely on SOAP and WSDL. I believe Alfresco should continue to maintain and improve its SOAP/WSDL interface.

Also i believe XQuery is the right choice for querying content repositories. XQuery has the support of all major vendors and is a natural choice for navigating a hierarchical repository model.

James -

It will probably just take a bit more time. I'll check your blog a bit more often in the New Year. I am off to the far east this evening.

I suggest contacting Rich Howarth from IBM, Razmik Abnous from EMC and Al Brown from IBM/FileNet and encouraging them to blog. They know a lot about the subject.

What would it take for the folks from Alfresco to join the conversation in the blogosphere on ECM and Security?

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