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I use a new web based aggregator:
i really like how it looks and the face that they have so many feeds. Its very new and only getting better from here.

You blog is awesome. I used to work for Documentum (and now Google) came across your blog when googling for you a while back...

I used to use feed reader but ran into some issues so switched to google reader. I like reader due to its keyboard shortcuts and tagging capabilities and the new "trends" feature. I subscribe to about 500 blogs and feed my team all the new ideas, so I go through all the blogs very fast and rate (from 1 to 5) each blog using tags and then go back and spend more time with the ones rated 5 and less time with the entries that are rated 1.

But I think the world needs a more robust (auto/manual ?) classifying tool. One nice thing is that the feature versions of google desktop will allow you to search your blog entries too.....

I use Wizz, which is a Firefox plugin. It displays as a three-paned sidebar, with feeds listed at the top (and support for foldering and custom naming for the feeds); the posts for a given feed in the center pane, with (default) red buttons for red posts and green for unread; and a preview of the post contents in the bottom pane. Supports RSS 1.0/2.0, Atom, OPML import/export and can search a page for feeds (where the feed is not readily apparent).

Not affiliated with Wizz, just really like it despite having tried NewsGator, IntraVnews, Attensa, Google Reader, Bloglines, and must be at least a dozen others I can't remember.

That said, I will take a look at Feedreader.

I'm using Blogbridge for the past couple of years and I have not seen the need for another client.

Omea Reader pro from Jetbrains is not bad.

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