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Different financial services provides benefits to numerous consumers that are having problems in managing their finances, they aim to help them on how they can live without worries.

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Financial posts are the talk of the day with all the credit crunch that's happening at the moment. Nice post.

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Good financial post. Well done

"They like new things and they search for competitive advantage through experimentation. The second factor has to do with that advantage. With the cost of IT on average at 20% or more, reducing the cost of IT through open source eventually becomes a no brainer."

Interestingly, I blogged about something similar on my own blog today. I think what really makes open source Web CMS especially attractive to the enterprise is that in many ways open source was there first. If you think about it, many organizations that are requesting Web 2.0 features in their propriety systems are getting those ideas from open source CMS such as Alfresco. I think it's difficult for a propriety software company to produce collaboration/social networking software if it really isn't in their own work culture. Open source has the upper hand here and the enterprise is recognizing that.

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