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Really interesting discussion. If you come at it as a software architect, investor etc then you have some fascinating questions about what parts of the ECM market to excel in. As a software customer, I think the major factor to consider is lock-in and licensing. I would be very nervous about having my entire internal and external web publishing locked into one vendor. I would much prefer a more best-of-breed integrated solution. www.airdesk.co.uk

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Thanks for the interesting overview! I posted some comments on your post here: http://info-architecture.blogspot.com/2007/03/content-log-future-of-enterprise.html

Gordon -

I just think that the web redesign will have strong, but limited legs. Look for it to peter out in about 24 months time. The companies that are built to last will provide solutions that can weather the ups and downs.

James -

Please see my latest post on Documentum. There is some interesting new stuff in the works in D6. Things might evolve quickly in the area of standardization as well.

Thanks John, Interesting Post.

But how can the ability for a vendor to serve a niche market be impacted by the boom in web redesign? Surely your ability to serve any market and the technology you use to solve it are unrelated - If you don't have the right technology, you won't be able to serve the market...

If I were to read "into" your posting, you are "suggesting" that Documentum will continue to be late to the dance. Is it because of people, bad code base, bad architecture or some other reason?

Really solid post. Interesting reflections about Sharepoint, it's a topic of conversation that cuts across industries. Sharepoint fills a need for people who want a little bit of everything - document management, ECM, social media, etc. For competitors to Sharepoint, cost, functionality, interoperability with other apps, and customer service can still win out (that's what I hope anyway!).

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