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This is interesting to me. I guess it. At some point last year I was thinking out loud on our wiki about similar things related to community (http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Article_on_Community#Basic_Needs_.28Biolocal_needs) I'm looking forward to completing my current project so I can spend more time thinking about these kinds of things.

I think this blog (and a few others) play a role in both the needs of the community and as part of the business model -- It informs and that helps create a sense of safety and to some extend a sense of belonging. Not many companies have executives that blog but I find it to be a very effective tool. There are a few powerful emotions that open source and similar culture invoke: sense of inventor or ownership, and a sense of belonging. Transparency and inclusion have a lot to do with it. Simple things like this blog go a long way in that capacity (IMO.) What more can you ask for than market has a sense of ownership and belonging to your products/community? A few traditional businesses have been able to invoke these emotions in their markets but I think open source is better equipped to do it.

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