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this sounds very cool i would like to try this out can some one pass me an invite.

I'd love to have Joost Tv on my PC, please somebody give me invite to use joost.
my email is [email protected]

please somebody give me invite to use joost.
my email is [email protected]


Any Joost invites still going? It would be greatly appreciated!

Please send me invitation-->[email protected]

Great article and information. An invitation would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I would love an invite please. [email protected] thanks

Can i have a Joost Invite too?

Please email me at [email protected]

Hi, please send me an invite to Joost at:
[email protected]
Many Thanks, B

Please introduce for joost account

I would love to have Joost TV on my pc. Please, if any one of you have an invitation please send it. Its a request.

I've been searching all the blogs for an invite but so far I've had no luck. If you've any left, might I have one?

Sweet! I'd love to get an invite. Thank you. Joost announced on May 1 that they've lifted the limit on invitations: Joost now is available to an unlimited number of friends, family and colleagues of existing beta testers. Starting today, when beta testers visit the "Invite Friends" widget in the "My Joost" area of Joost, they will be able to invite anyone they know to the Joost community.

I would love to receive an invite! It's really hard to find a live online TV app for my Mac.... Thanks so much...

could i get a invite from some one please for joost tv.i cant afford cable just my internet would like to watch some tv on my computer i seen a couple of minutes and it looks great.

I Sold my tv 5 years ago and been quite happy with loading down what Ive wanted to watch but Joost sounds fantastic... please... an invitation would make my world lot nicer!!

I would love an invite if you have somemore left!

Yours Rod

Hey John,

I've been following and trying out Alfresco since the middle of last year, congratulations for the project!

I read about Joost a while back, if possible, I would also like an invite.



Very impressive indeed, I would like to have one invitation too, please...



If an invitation would be possible... I'm searching for one for weeks.

Wow - it looks v cool. I don't suppose any invitees would like to pass on one of your invites?



I'd like an invite too please! (I always flinch whenever I see this company's name because we live on Joost avenue.)

Very interesting - we all knew it would happen eventually. What is the revenue model going to be - adverts? subscription? Free open source/paid for enterprise version ;)

Would live an invite if you have any left...

What an excellent and informative article! I am an ex-pat English based in San Diego, and am always interested in the geographical flexiblity this kind of product can bring. I would very much like an invite if you can spare one.

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