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Having bought an iPhone from O2 two weeks ago and still not being connected despite numerous calls and hours wasted with inept o2 customer service I can only say that I will never, ever deal with them again. Do NOT buy anything from O2.

I had a the worst customer experience yesterday with my cell.

My cell was no longer functional so I took my lunch break and walked down to Copley Sq (Boston) to get it replaced at the place I originally purchased it.

I walked in to the AT&T store and asked for help -- they pointed me to a 1-800 number.

In their defense, they did offer to let me use their phone.

Now that is WOOD SUPPORT -- too bad I feel like I pay for Gold Support.

I am going to change my carrier I just have to decide if I want to wait until my vendor lock-in (contract) runs out or not.

Open Source forces us to focus on service and customer experience. We can't treat customers like this because we don't put safety nets for vendor abuse like this in place.

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