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When i think about change it is about changing the status quo of attack politics to that of unity. Some people may understand that the change slogan started with Barack Obama, a message so powerful that the other demarcates as well as the republicans adopted the slogan. To put down another candidate for the purpose of highlighting oneself is the political tyranny that Barack stands against. As we come together as a people we hopefully would have the audacity to not continue business as usual. Any Presidential candidates that feels the need to incorporate division in any way should abandon that agenda. Any candidate that does not actively and contentiously seek to avoid this method of politics will clearly further push the efforts to separate us. We have waited for the opportunity to vote for a person that not only stands for change but also is the evidence of that hope that Dr. Martin Luther King died for. I am the voice that is the recipient of inequality, injustice and division. I am that unheard intellectual that possesses all of the dreams deferred and my heart cries for pain to give birth. I am the voice of the uneducated African American male. Can the children of slave owners and non-blacks stand for that change. Can the children of slave masters have the hope for the long awaited change that most of us have become weary of. Can it be revived in the "08″ campaign for the first African American president of the United States of America? I have the audacity to hope.


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