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Bored? Take the IQ test I found that rewards you if your smart!

Hey guys!

Check out this site I found. It's a pretty cool site if you have 5 minutes
to kill. If you get a iq score of 120 or higher, they'll give you a prize
for doing well and taking the test. I took it and got a score of 131 and they
gave me a gift card for ebay. It wasn't a huge gift card, but hey, it was free.

You'd be silly not to atleast try it out.

You can try your luck at the test at http://www.iqtestrewards.info

Good luck, and enjoy whatever prize they decide to give you if you do well!

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See you.

LOL :'-D

I really recognise this, sometimes it can be so much fun to just write without thinking about alle the pro's and con's of what you're writing about.

Keep up the good work, I rewally enjoy the posts

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