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Dear Mr. Newton
I would like to draw the following anology between wikis and source control systems.
When developers use systms such as: Subversion, CVS or SourceSafe nobody asks for the resons. Files containing lines of code are the most valiable asset of the software company. Nevertheless, news stories or book chapters are the most valiable aset in the publishing house.
Wikis in the enterprise gave great functionality into hands of users. They are development tools of writers, editors, proof readers or fans of a sports team.
Wikis have a potential to play well in the records management field. They were targeting very wide and opened communities of contributors. Their ability to track changes, record users performing content operations with good access control can be sufficient to cover most basic needs of a records management system. There more complex requirements for records management systems on the market, that's the place where Alfresco comes in with its infrastructure in a form of web services, very flexible content modeling and other advance features such as content rules and transformations.

Pawel Urbanski

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