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I'm a recent Mac convert but have had no luck in getting Alfresco Community 3.2 to install!
On starting up Alfresco & point at http://localhost:8080/alfresco I get a Tomcat 404.

The error in the logs is: "Ensure that the 'dir.root' property is pointing to the correct data location." despite the start up logs correctly reporting earlier that "The Alfresco root data directory ('dir.root') is: /Users/myname/Alfresco/alf_data"

Any clues?

Still, great product!


Just thought I’d say hello, seeing that we have our name in common. Glad to see that you are also a Mac user!

I recently switched over to a Mac as well. I don't think I'll ever look back :) I <3 my mac :)

Congratulations John! We love Alfresco at Other World Computing almost as we love macs :). We are a supplier of Mac Upgrades.

Come check is out
Dan Phillips
IT Manager

Great news John. If you had walked in the office here a few years ago to show Alfresco with a Mac it would only have had an even greater impact! Just for the record NetNewsWire is now for free if you want to try something else as Vienna for your RSS feeds...

Excellent. Welcome back to Mac.

Good choice. Many of the guys in my group have converted to Macs as well. Most of us use MS Office, and Entourage has replaced the Palm Desktop for me. I also use Toast. I have a Pro Tower.

I spent most of the time on my "day job" working with Windows XP and Linux/Unix systems. After going through the frustrations of Windows 3.1 through Windows ME...I've been more then content with Windows XP. In the past couple years the Linux desktop has really improved and I see little need to move over to a Mac for a non-Windows experience. I already get that experience with Linux!

It is home where I think frustrations for both Windows Vista and Linux is mounting...and why Mac's growth will continue on upward. Sadly the Vista PC I've been using the past year continues to be much slower and buggier than the old XP PC it replaced. After dealing with the frustrations of Windows Vista...we finally bought my photographer wife her first Macbook Pro (she's happy).

I took my wife's lead in her freedom from Windows and reformatted my old laptop to Ubuntu Linux (happily using it now). But even though using a Linux desktop is what I consider equal to a Mac...the install experience was not. I spent three days installing Linux on the laptop due to LAN/WLAN/Kernel issues. I can only imagine what the non-IT person goes through when installing Linux at home!

I think Apple's biggest selling point in the future won't be so much the desktop...but the ease and efficiency their operating system works on their hardware. I'm convinced Vista doesn't have a prayer to catch up with the Mac's performance. Linux could have a chance, but not until more PC makers such as Dell install Linux for the consumer. At least for the next few years, this Windows/Linux guys bows to the genius of Steve Jobs and company.

Welcome back! I think you are going to enjoy running OS X and you can also run XP or Vista on your new Macintosh as well if you get home sick.

Welcome aboard!

Glad to hear that both you and the team use Mac a lot. The future for Mac-users look brighter than ever.

I just hoped that Apple would bundle Alfresco in Mac OS X Server. Wouldn't that be great? Maybe a call to Steve :) ?

Welcome! (OK, so I actually use both).

There are several great OS X only writing apps out there. You may wish to broaden your search a bit before settling.

For example check out Virginia Heffernan's excellent article she penned for the New York Times on switching from Word to Scrivener on OS X.


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