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Sure, when it comes to research going into the core technology. However, that was just a side comment since I guess what is Lucene today is good enough for now.

However, it does not take 12 years to develop hit term highlighting and metadata-based drill down of search results.

I am just curious of how the thought goes inside Alfresco around this. EMC-wise there are already features there which you only find in the really big commercial platforms. Which is just wonderful! However, the full potential of any ECM-system will not be let loose until you have decent search, information analytics and reporting.

To pick up on Alexandra's comment:

How long have Autonomy been on the go ? Since 1996, they have a market cap of $4 billion ! Not exactly a fair direct comparison with Apache Lucene project eh ?

Lucene is like Alfresco, what it has become in a short time is phenomenal, and it will only get better, watch this space...

Yes it has been two interesting days when it comes to search and ECM. Since search is a vital component for any ECM provider I wonder what you think of search capabilities and Alfresco. Today it feels rather basic to me compared to both what Autonomy and FAST can offer.

The search GUI for end users does not even have hit term highlighting and not facteted navigation to leverage metadata. No relevance ranking.

No search analytics exposed and no GUI to modify things like indexing or synonyms.

From a core engine perspective I am not familiar with the inner details of Lucene but I have a feeling that both Autonomy and FAST are quite more advanced. A combination of math-based and linguistic based processing of data seem necessary to be able to "mine" text data efficiently. There are usually no single best method to do anything. Combinations usually works better.

What will be the first improvements when it comes to Alfresco?

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