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Sure John. Actually i'm quite familiar with Livecycle. I'll rephrase the question - I see the major benefit of this partnership flowing to Adobe customers but not to Alfresco customers. Is that correct assessment? For example, will alfresco customers be able to take advantage of DRM that you mentioned?

Hi Apoorv -

This certainly provides excellent capabilities for handling PDF and forms. Adobe have integrated their own PDF handling libraries and workflow engine.

In addition, Adobe have excellent DRM capabilities. DRM is an area that we have decided we don't want to get involved in.

These capabilities are part of the LiveCycle suite and you will have to contact Adobe about accessing them.

Nice post John. I have seen demand for cases where ECM is needed when document composition/generation is required and so it does make a lot of sense for people using LiveCycle. When you get time, could you explain how this will help Alfresco's customers, especially the ones who use the community version?

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