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There's lots of web 2.0 around now. The technology become very useful and we must take the advantage of it.

Nice article!

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I think you make some great points about web 2.0 and the effect it will have on business in the coming years. Companies can either start to embrace the best of web 2.0 or not. If they choose not to embrace it, once the senior workers retire and get replaced by that growing Gen-Y workforce, they will implement web 2.0.

I work at a professional networking website, Konnects, and part of what we are doing is giving professionals a chance to break into the web 2.0 world. I don't think most people are going to jump right into doing Twitter, Flickr, Friend Feed and all of the other stuff web 2.0 offers, but I think they can start the process by just getting social with their business.

Interesting report out today called "Workforce Collaboration and Web 2.0 - A Powerful Combination", check out this CNN Money article, pretty interesting stuff:


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I too have found this very insightful and an excellent summary.

Key para for me is how to use Web 2.0 in an organisation. I found this http://www.strategy-business.com/resiliencereport/resilience/rr00056?pg=0 to be an excellent summary of issues relating to the US Military.

Good to see Niall Riddell posting here! ;-)

I've google Doctor 2.0 but haven't found a great deal re Pfizer... :'(

That is a valuable piece of information. Very interesting to read. I will link the article to my blog http://www.indiabusinessdatabase.com for readers to benefit.

One thing I can't work out yet is how this behavioral change in Generation Y will force non Y management to adopt the new business models that Web 2.0 requires. One could argue that agile companies will be early adopters in order to gain competitive advantage and will drive through the change from the top down. But the majority of large companies aren't that agile, so I suspect they will pay lip service to Web 2.0 whilst maintaining their existing ways of working until Gen Y workers become influential enough.

I suppose one could argue that their customers and agile partners will drive this change with or without management consent.

A really good read, as always.


an excellent article indeed. thanks.

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