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Are there any plans to release Alfresco Labs 3 running on a MacOS X backend server, or is the focus purely on Windows and Linux now?

John, you're only talking about the release date of Alfresco 3 _Enterprise_ in mid October 2008. What about the _Community_ version of Alfresco 3?

Second question: Your post once more shows that Alfresco still treats the community like a second-class citizen whereas enterprises and paying Alfresco partners are your first-class citizens.
When will you start to really believe in Open Source? Having an Open Source strategy means to have fair relations to the developer community. See the Linux kernel development for an example of a prosperous OSS developer community.
Where's the Alfresco OSS developer community? There hardly isn't any. And it's quite clear why. For example, just take a look at the documentation you release with the community edition. It's outdated and barely holds any valuable information (which only seems to be available to paying Alfresco partners).
When will you start doing something about this? Alfresco could skyrocket, if you would truly let the OSS idea unleash its power. Instead, you try to keep things simmer on a low flame. That's not Open Source. That's using Open Source as a marketing buzzword only.

Gee.. This is what I am talking about..


Q. What do you get when Alfresco mate Adobe Air...

Thanks for this post! In you post you say: "Although over 90% of the Fortune 1000 have at least one type of ECM system, less than 10% of the employees in most of these companies use ECM, despite the huge increase in regulatory compliance and information explosion." I was wondering where you found this data. Is this Alfresco research?

We haven't had specific plans to support Windows Live Writer, but have looked at Adobe's alternative interfaces. Because it's open source and a modular interface to plug in editors, you could add it yourself and contribute it back to the community. :-) (please)

Otherwise, because it is designed for supporting blogs, I would suspect that the new ATOM publishing API may be the interface you need. It will be available in early September.

Just curious, does the support for Office and SharePoint protocols mean that Alfresco will work with Windows Live Writer (WLW) or is it available through/do we need to wait for ATOM support?

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