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Funny. The most of the "big" companies which are working on it, worked also on iECM.
Wasn't it a Standard for ECM based on Web Services?

You didn't get it there. So why do you think they now have a chance to become successful?

I just remember in Sept. 2007 where you were screeming that we need JSR283 and "you are the only one who has implemented it". "The big ones are hanging behind."

Sorry, for me it's nothing more than a marketing joke.

Last but not least the customer will decide and not the companies.
(And the most competitors will beat you, when they will calculate the TCO.)

One more time we can see that Open Source isn't really Open Source.

Now I'm looking for an opportunity of transferring my site to your CMIS. Your CMIS is a great product and we appreciate your prompt response to all of our support questions.

On AIIM's iECM Committee telecon just now, I agreed to contact vendors of open source implementations of CMIS to explore their potential interest in incorporating AIIM's emerging StratML standard into such applications. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions in that regard.

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Joel - Your scenario is exactly the type of content access, sharing and exchange that we had anticipated with CMIS. There were similar scenarios presented by the federal government in the preceding iECM standards exercises. I think attention to use cases like this is what has made CMIS such a practical experience compared with other standards exercises.

Russ - Web Scripts were not only instrumental in implementing CMIS, but were designed in anticipation of a CMIS REST binding. SURF will enable us to provide reusable CMIS components for web applications, which means that it will be able to access repos other than Alfresco.

BTW, how does that web site return "Yes"? I noticed the reference to Seed magazine in the source for the page (hoping to find some weird algorithm). I've met Adam Bly the editor of Seed, but never looked at his magazine. Looks interesting: http://www.seedmagazine.com/news/2008/09/large_and_in_charge.php

My thoughts on using CMIS in the aerospace vertical: http://efasoft.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-cmis-will-enable-aviation.html

The ability to get this API implemented so quickly really demonstrates the power behind the light-weight scripting environment provided by Webscripts and SURF. Webscripts really are important component of the Alfresco platform and the ability to evolve and extend it.

It will be interesting to watch CMIS as it evolves and looks for wide adoption. As you point out there is more skin in the game this time around. Good to know.

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