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So much technology jargon my eyes almost spun out of my head when I was finished. Or maybe it was just me...

Open source is important, so it's great to have folks who make it pretty much their life's work to get working on it.

Ken -

As a Cal Alum, I hope we meet your requirements as well. Let us know how we can help in the short term. As I mentioned in various interviews, jBPM is a good engine and very flexible. If there are any issues on workflow design, Signavio have worked with JBPM in the past. As for custom workflow solutions, we are spending a lot of time on this in the next release, but there are other solutions available. Just let me know what you need.


Jim -

Putting Activiti out there as Apache and our moving the data access layer from Hibernate to Apache iBatis gives us maximum flexibility to OEM and change the license to an even more liberal license. I alluded to this in my post on changing to the LGPL license.

We will no more with Activiti and our open source project in the Spring Forge, Surf web framework. We will make a decision on Alfresco after seeing how these projects go.


"Although we were quite happy with the jBPM engine, it's LGPL license was preventing us from OEM's Alfresco to larger software companies that were concerned about any open source license with the letter G in it."

This statement doesn't seem to fit with your previous announcement about going LGPL with your own stuff. Can you explain? Are you going to relicense everything yet again to Apache?

Exciting! As I've been implementing Alfresco for Research Administration and Compliance at UC Berkeley, my biggest issue is that Alfresco's workflow story needs improvement. I hope this gets us there.

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