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> Autonomy "IDOL Cloud"

Amusing and 'Dr Lynch' thinks this trumps semantic web / linked data cloud computing.

I'll put $10 with John on Lynch getting the whole schbang. Note, not $100 -- but $10. Strangers things have happened.


I agree completely about the craziness of this deal. I have not met Leo so can't comment directly on whether he's the choice to run HP, but I note that HP has never had good "software karma" in the 35+ years I have been buying and working on their products. I think the hardware mentality is so embedded in their DNA that it won't likely change in my lifetime. Sad but true.

Based on conversations I have had friends who covered Autonomy and have had extensive contact with "Doctor" Lynch, I seriously doubt that he can run a larger company like HP. Autonomy is stitched together out of enough pieces that I would be willing to bet that IDOL is more than slide-ware. Just another "mega architecture" that never actually ships anything useful.

Big companies buy little ones to try and acquire some "magic." It never works. It's exactly like some folk traditions that say eating rhinoceros horn will give one certain "enhanced capabilities." The horn eater ends up broke and un-enhanced, and the rhino ends up needlessly dead.

Despite the utter lack of evidence that this sort of acquisition contributes any magic to the acquirer, big bloated companies that have utterly lost their way keep signing up to do more deals like this. Look at Oracle. They started their acquisition binge in 2003, and the change in their market cap from the day before the Peoplesoft deal was announced to today is approximately the same as the amount they have paid for their purchases. Maybe less. In other words, the Street sees zero synergy despite Larry's unending blather about how wonderful it is.

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